For us, and for our customers, it is essential to get the cargo delivered quickly, according to their instructions, using qualified drivers in an effecttive manner. We keep our customers informed at all times to any unexpected contingencies which might occur.

We are working to include GPRS in all our vehicles, and we will be implementing an intranet in our office for status inquiries which will be available in the near future.

We believe in direct communication in order to quickly facilitate your transportation needs.

Thinking Logistics is in the process of obtaining an ISO 9001 certificate.



We are environmentally friendly. It is our commitment to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations in the long-term, and it is an urgent priority. We are dedicated, working with our customers, employees, industry partners …etc., to address this complex global challenge.

We train our drivers to drive in a fuel-saving manner, something that helps control our energy costs. Combining loads, we use fewer vehicles, thereby reducing the number of trucks on the road and the level of CO2 emissions. In our offices we have moved from using paper documents to electronic documentation. We help reduce the impact on the environment with policies that integrate environmental management into our operations and our culture. “We recycle, we reuse, we reduce”.

We are committed to addressing this challenging issue.





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